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Connected Lab

What We Do

We make digital products. That means we validate, design, and build software experiences for a variety of devices and platforms.

We explore and apply new technologies, from voice and chat interfaces to AI and machine learning.

Above all, we maintain a singular focus on the pursuit of better, carefully balancing business and user needs with what’s technically possible.

Our Services

Product Envisioning
& Strategy

We help you discover and validate product opportunities before making major investments.

Product Design
& Execution

We draw up a roadmap, design the experience, and then write, test, and ship high-quality production code.

Where We Play

We’re platform agnostic and build for a wide range of devices.


iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Java, Kotlin), React Native

Full-Stack Web

Java/Spring, Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Node.js, Angular.js, React.js


Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, RDK


Apple Watch, Android Wear

Conversational Interfaces

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby,,

Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure


Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

New Hardware Interfaces

MFi including Lightning, Bluetooth including BLE

Machine Learning/AI

Metric Prediction, Forecasting, Computer Vision, Natural Language

Financial Technology

Blockchain, Payment Systems (Apple Pay, Google Wallet)

Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

How We Build

We follow Extreme Programming (XP) principles, placing heavy emphasis on collaboration, speed, and quality. Our developers work in pairs, employing such techniques as test-driven development and randori training. All in the name of shipping quality code weekly.

How We Design

Designing at Connected Lab means going beyond what is simply beautiful or usable. It means figuring out the right thing to build, and then seeing that vision through to the finish line. Our designers immerse themselves in problem spaces, uncover opportunities, and craft solutions—all while working with our engineers to release better products.

Our designers, developers, and strategists work in small, integrated teams. Our cross-disciplinary approach ensures that high-level strategies are grounded in what’s technically possible, but also that development tracks insight every step of the way.

Our Commitment

We focus on outcomes over strategies, impact over effort, and results over process. Our commitment to better digital products means pushing our clients beyond best practices to become global industry leaders. It takes an open mind, an appetite for risk, and an uncompromising ambition to be the best. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch.