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Connected Lab is a start-to-finish product partner. We work with companies to validate, design, and build digital products and services for their customers.

Abstracted 3D render of a smartphone and tablet

We are trusted by a select group of companies to collaborate on their core products.

We partner with:

  • A
    One of the largest internet companies in the world
  • B
    One of the largest sports leagues in the world
  • C
    Two of the top consumer electronics brands in the world
  • D
    Two of the largest banks in North America
  • E
    One of the largest retailers in North America

Our clients hire us for more than our design and engineering talent. They hire us because we rally them to build better products.

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With software, good is no longer good enough. When the options for consumers are endless, the tiniest design flaw, technical error, or strategic oversight is enough to make a user jump to the competition. Businesses that prioritize better products for their customers achieve competitive advantage while the rest remain flat-footed.


Is Hard

Rapidly evolving technologies, high customer expectations, and the need to move fast—all of these combine to make product development difficult. Which new technologies should you spend time exploring? What do your customers want and need? How much money should your company invest? Technologies, users, and businesses need to be carefully balanced.


Is Possible

At Connected, our boots-on-the-ground approach ensures that we track desired outcomes against what’s technically possible. That gives us accountability all the way down, and imagination all the way up.

We invest heavily in the upfront work—product discovery and prioritization—in order to design, build, and ship what matters.

Where We Help

Consumer Electronics

You’ve been manufacturing products that people love for 30 years. Now everyone expects them to integrate seamlessly with their phones.


You’ve been building relationships with clients face to face. They still need that targeted level of care, but they need it over voice and chat interfaces.


Customers used to come to your stores. Now they receive recommendations on their phones and expect your products to be waiting for them when they get home.

Internet Companies

Your services used to have a single point of entry. Now visitors access them from inside other products.

Sports Leagues

Your biggest fans were the ones who bought tickets. Now they’re global, seeking round-the-clock entertainment on every device they own.